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3rd Post: Top 12 Income Producing Keyword Types

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03-18-2017, 05:10 PM #1
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Note: if you haven't read my 2 previous posts then read them first to understand the terms better which i use in my post!

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Its pretty obvious that keyword research is very important in the content creation process (if you want more traffic and monetize it).

For those who are looking to monetize your content with products or ads you will want to make sure that you create content for people looking for that product or information related to your industry.

Here are a list of the top income producing keyword types: (No particular order)

1.How To….
6.For Sale (this is most profitable for E-Commerce Marketers)….
9.Affordable …
10.Ways to...
11.Best Way…

[Image: keywords-buying-cycle.png]

People who search for “Best (keyword)” are looking to buy that “thing”. They simply need a little help on deciding which variation, brand, size and/or price point to buy it at… Help Them

The commercial intent is even more direct with “(keyword) VS (keyword)”. Why? Because the reader is clearly trying to decide between two products or services. Sometimes you can find “(keyword) OR (keyword)”in your search. If you find both keywords, you can simply compound them in your content so you capture the eyes and clicks of both groups.

People who are searching “How To (Keyword)” need help with a process. These pieces of content are great to place ads on. Mostly because the consumer will need to focus on the content long than they would other pieces of content because they really need to soak in the content. No time for skimming. So, Help Them.

How To” content can be a double whammy because often times, a process needs tools, right? like “how to clean suede”. They can use some home materials, but maybe they want to buy a suede cleaner too.

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