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BackBox Linux Distrobution

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04-03-2013, 10:58 PM #1
TR4CK3R Offline MadLeets Vip ******
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Why should i use it?

Performance and speed are key elements

Starting from an appropriately configured XFCE desktop manager it offers stability and the speed, that only a few other DMs can offer, reaching in extreme tweaking of services, configurations, boot parameters and the entire infrastructure. BackBox has been designed with the aim of achieving the maximum performance and minimum consumption of resources.
This makes BackBox a very fast distro and suitable even for old hardware configurations.

Everything is in the right place

The main manu of BackBox has been well organized and designed to avoid any chaos/mess finding tools that we are looking for. The selection of every single tool has been done with accuracy in order to avoid any redundancies and the tools that have similar functionalities.
With particular attention to the end user every needs, all menu and configuration files are have been organized and reduced to a minimum essential, necessary to provide an intuitive, friendly and easy usage of Linux distribution.

It's standard compliant
The software packaging process, the configuration and the tweaking of the system follows up theUbuntu/Debian standard guide lines.
Any of Debian and Ubuntu users will feel very familiar with, while newcomers will follow the official documentation and BackBox additions to customize their system without any tricky work around, because it is standard and straight forward!
It's versatile
As a live distribution, BackBox offer an experience that few other distro can offer and once installed naturally lends itself to fill the role of a desktop-oriented system. Thanks to the set of packages included in official repository it provides to the user an easy and versatile usage of system.
It's hacker friendly
If you'd like to make any change/modification, in order to suite to your purposes, or maybe add additional tools that is not present in the repositories, nothing could be easier in doing that with BackBox. Create your own Launchpad PPA, send your package to dev team and contribute actively to the evolution of BackBox Linux.

[Image: slide-bb-1.png]

[Image: 213qbgp.jpg]

04-04-2013, 08:47 AM #2
mixlol Offline Junior Member **
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I used him but now Kali Linux is a clean and fast backtrack, so I changed again xD.

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