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Basic Methods for Mass spreading

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01-19-2014, 10:38 PM #1
KaMi HaXor Offline Any Help ContaCt *****
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Salam All Mads.

Kami HaXor Here.

In this post I will tell you the main methods used by majority of
Hackers for spreading there malware on massive level. some of these
methods are as following.

1# Exploit Pack

2# Torrent

3# Java Drive

4# Social Media Exploits

1#Exploit Pack:-

it an application which try hundreds of exploits automatically on
target's browser and install .exe automatically in visitors computer.

most of hacker uses iframe having exploit packs link in the hacked website for compromising the traffic.

2# Torrent:-

Hundreds of people downloads applications from torrent every day , so
hacker may attach there malware with most famous applications which are
downloaded from torrent . this infect downloaders at mass level.

3# Java Drive

a Hacker may add a java rive in his hacked website and thus i pretends
that website is not loaded properly install Flash plugin , once you
clicked on that plugin malware will auto install , many people clicks on
the java drives daily , its also used for spreading malware at mass

4# Social media Exploit:-

A Hacker may can use social media websites to spread his malware at
massive level. a visitor may get infected and auto post some links on
his wall and this may infect other people at massive level .

[Image: un7oYOs.png]
[Image: FL8ZXnw.gif]

01-26-2014, 10:23 PM #2
maskhush Offline Respected *****
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bro can u tell mw how to spread my rat at huge rate

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