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Does Content or Article Spinning Works ?

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03-18-2017, 06:36 PM #1
PakCyberSnake Offline Moderator *****
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Well let me first clear it, content spinning still works but the point is that how you do it yeh that methods works but the only thing is how you apply them ! so here is my experience,

You know that there are billions of websites on 1 topic yeh on 1 single topic there are uncountable websites as the topics are same so the content theme will also the same hence all websites try to say same things again and again so where does this huge content come from ? have you ever used any content provider service like Iwriter ? or fiverr etc, the truth is that they just manually spin the content and delivered it to you.

Now manual spinning is something like Professional Writing however, there are now tons of automatic tools that will do spinning for you on a single click and the quality is in your hands but the question is that why google will penalize you for doing automatic spinning, just because it doesn't makes sense yeh the automatic generated content doesn't make sense.

There are some famous online tools that guaranty the results but not just with a single click you have to put some efforts to make a profit from your spun article/content make sure your article make sense and its human readable, grammatically correct the most important part is to make theme based content.

Simply goto google and collect the top 10 sites content then read them 1 by 1 and figure out that why these articles are on the top positions then make a list of most used words (Keyword DensityKeywords are supposed to indicate what a Web page is about,

so it makes sense that the more often a word appears on a page, the more likely it is that the subject of the page is related to that word.

This is where keyword density enters the picture, you can use SEOQuake broweser extension for that or there are some desktop tools that will collect that words for you so you can make your content even better and looks more relevant and theme based.

Keep in mind also, that Google wants to serve searchers with the content most relevant to their search, which is not necessarily the most optimized page. Since Google understands semantically related words, as well as variations on a word (plural, singular and -ing versions), using these can help boost your relevance, even if it lowers your density slightly.

This will also sound more natural to your readers, so enough talk come to the point google likes theme based content, do a search on google and you will get the idea, after selecting the words list use them in your content that makes sense, even if your content is automatically spun your article will rank!

let me know if you have more questions or want any suggestions about that topic

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