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FOPO Deobfuscator

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07-26-2017, 01:14 AM #1
ZeroDay Offline Junior Member **
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Hi , This Is My First Post In MadLeets
[*] About FOPO.com.ar :
 FOPO creates equivalent PHP obfuscated code which requires no special server runtime for    execution. It's not one-way encryption but it will keep curious eyes away from your code. Submitted code gets deleted immediately after obfuscation and is not stored in any way

Python Deobfuscator :

#!/usr/bin/env python

__description__ = 'Deobfuscator script for FOPO PHP obfuscated files'
__author__ = 'Antelox'
__version__ = '0.21'
__date__ = '01/28/2017'

FOPO PHP Deobfuscator script
Coded by Antelox
Twitter: @Antelox
UIC R.E. Academy - quequero.org
Copyright (C) 2017 - MIT License

import zlib
import base64
import sys
import re

def str_rot13(string):
   return string.encode('rot13')

def base64_decode(string):
   return base64.b64decode(string)

def gzinflate(string):
   return zlib.decompress(string, -15)

if len(sys.argv) > 1:
print "\n***FOPO Deobfuscator ver. 0.2***\n"

contents = open(sys.argv[1],'r').read()
if "Obfuscation provided by FOPO - Free Online PHP Obfuscator:" not in contents:
print "*ERROR: Provided a PHP script not obfuscated with FOPO PHP Obfuscator!"

contents = re.sub('//?\s*\*[\s\S]*?\*\s*//?', '', contents)

eval = contents.split('(')

#base64 = base64 encoded block inside obfuscated PHP script
base64_ = eval[2].split('"')

i1 = base64_decode(base64_[1]).split("eval")

#there is a ternary operator at this point "?:" -> (condition) ? (expr for TRUE) : (expr 4 FALSE)
#the right data block to be decoded is the second one, that is the data block relative to ":" (FALSE)
i2 = i1[1].split(':')
i3 = i2[1].split('"')

#initialization variables
encryptionlayer = ''
dl = ''
nextlayer = ''
backup = ''
#Here final steps with n recursive encoded layers:
#First layer here
encryptionlayer = gzinflate(base64_decode(str_rot13(i3[1])))

#n-1 remaining layers inside while loop below
while (str(re.match('\?\>', encryptionlayer)) == 'None'):
backup = encryptionlayer
dl = encryptionlayer.split('"')

if (len(dl)>7):
nextlayer = gzinflate(base64_decode(str_rot13(dl[7])))
encryptionlayer = nextlayer
nextlayer = gzinflate(base64_decode(dl[5]))
encryptionlayer = nextlayer

#here final[1] variable contains deobfuscated PHP code :D
backup = encryptionlayer
final = backup.split('?>')


print "\n*ERROR: Please provide the input file name as argument!"
print "\nExample: python deobfuscator.py input.php [output=deobfuscated.php]"

[*] A Online Tool To Deobfuscate : https://glot.io/snippets/efruafhnez

Good Luck , If Anyone Have A Question Post Here ...
Good Bye <3

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