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Facebook Add friend Exploit!

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10-20-2014, 02:50 AM #1
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[EXPLOIT]Adding Facebook friends[EXPLOIT]

So after thinking too much about releasing my private exploit, I decided to release it !
So let's start :

1st: Go to google and search for: filetype:ctt "msn"

2nd: You will find a list of webpages with lot of emails

3rd: Choose one

4th: Go to hotmail and register for a new email

5th: Try every email from the list you have choosen it

6nd: If you find one available register it ( put fake details )
7th: go to facebookdotcom/impact

8th: Click on "Invite more friends " and Put the email that you have regitred it

9th: you will get a message that there is no friend in that email ( this is the exploit )

10th: click ignore and go to your news feed

11th: Surprise : you have just go a number of friend requests ( depends on the email) you will get between 50-200 invites per email

12th: Repeat this as much as you can ( but try to use proxy after 3 emails registred because of hotmail security )

PS: you can make 5000 friends in 7 hours using this method

BY: 1337X


Facebook: facebook.com/moinahmad1998


10-20-2014, 04:29 AM #2
T3N38R15 Offline ? lawless-coder *****
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wink good share but now i think the facebook team try to patch this Smiley1

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10-20-2014, 05:05 AM #3
SickSpawn Offline You have an error in your SQL syntax; ***
TeaM MaDLeeTs
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nice share man Smiley1

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10-20-2014, 06:07 AM #4
Huey Offline 'Surgeon of Death' ******
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wonderful exploit

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why educate professionals and have noobs helpless?

10-20-2014, 05:38 PM #5
Posts:34 Threads:5 Joined:Oct 2014 Reputation: 11
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hm thanks


Facebook: facebook.com/moinahmad1998


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