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I am Intactilis.

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10-23-2014, 09:42 PM #1
Intactilis Offline VPN's Hide Me ***
TeaM MaDLeeTs
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Heey guys my name is Intactilis, some of you may have heard of me, if not then ahh well. I was drawn to this website after the glorious thought to be "impossible" attacks done on some websites done by members of Madleets. I like that. I started off hacking when I was about 12. At that time I thought hacking was using cheat engine on my favourite games. I further excelled from my amazing cheat engine skills and dove into the world of SQL. I learned manual injection, and then... automatic... which brings me to my first hate. Hackers who say "I don't like using automated programs or scripts because I'm not a noob" why do it manually if you can use a specific script for a specific database/version, automatically, 10x faster.. ehh... Anyway, along my path of learning I got Backtrack 4 then 5 then Kali and I absolutely hate Windows now.... The amount of times I've type ifconfig instead of ipconfig on my desktop is not measurable. I also spread my knowledge with my closest mates, one in particular, which sucked in a way as I had to teach myself EVERYTHING I mean I had no help, then I just teach it to them which is so much easier for them, I mean come on. I have taken place in many hacking tournaments, competitions and what not and am officially labelled a master hacker, which was the happiest day ever #nerdlyf.

The main thing I want to accomplish here is to help as many members as possible, if you want to learn, PM me, if you want a site hacked, I can give you info about the site and scripts you can use (I do not do it for you, never have, never will), need hashes cracked, PM me, super secret encrypted files, passwords decrypted, PM me. Okay that's enough, see you all around.

P.S I also get excited knowing I have hundreds of VPNs that allow people to think I'm from Denmark, Australia, China, anywhere, I love the thought it is good. :3 bye

10-23-2014, 09:51 PM #2
T3N38R15 Offline ? lawless-coder *****
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welcome to Madleets wink
i think too that attacks with tools are go alot faster but i think,
only guys who can program such Tools can use them right Tonguesmiley

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10-23-2014, 09:53 PM #3
H4x0rl1f3 Offline Commander In Cheif *******
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Welcome and please follow this template.
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10-23-2014, 10:41 PM #4
Doc-D Offline TeaM MaDLeeTs ***
TeaM MaDLeeTs
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Welcome to the Mad Boat mate , I agree with You too on automated attacks, Saves time + Energy .

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10-23-2014, 10:53 PM #5
Altair Offline MadLeets Lover *****
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Welcome to MadLeets,

I think i learn a lot from you Smiley1

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10-24-2014, 04:58 AM #6
sniffer Offline Bug Researchers **********
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Welcome to MadLeets

jabber : [email protected]

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