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Joke Of the Day

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06-20-2014, 02:46 AM #1
KaMi HaXor Offline Any Help ContaCt *****
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Son: Daddy, I fell in love
& want to
date this awesome girl!
Father: That's great son.
Who is she ?
Son: It's Sandra, the
neighbor's daughter
Father: Ohhh.... I wish
you hadn't said that.
I have to tell u
something son,but you
must promise not to tell
your mother.
Sandra is actually your
The boy is naturally
bummed out, but a
couple of months later....
Son: Daddy, I fell in love
again and
she is even hotter!
Father: That's great Who
is she ?
Son: It's Angela, the
other neighbor's
Father: Ohhhh! I wish
you hadn't said that.
Angela is also your sister.
This went on couple of
times and the son was
so mad, he went straight
to his mother crying.
Son: Mum I am
so mad at dad! I fell in
love with six girls but I
can't date any of them
because daddy is their
The mother hugs him
affectionately and says:
"My love, you can date
whoever you want. Dont
listen to him
He isn't your father"

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06-20-2014, 03:45 AM #2
Malik Haxor Offline TeaM MaDLeeTs ***
TeaM MaDLeeTs
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Hahahahaha :-D

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06-20-2014, 04:23 AM #3
T3N38R15 Offline ? lawless-coder *****
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LOL Biggrinsmiley Biggrinsmiley Biggrinsmiley

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06-20-2014, 04:42 AM #4
C4_feathers Offline Junior Member **
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Cool You will Have Time to Rest when You are Dead :idea:

06-20-2014, 02:35 PM #5
cyber killer Offline Hacking is Not A crime ***
TeaM MaDLeeTs
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Hahahahahahahahahahaha Nice Joke

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06-20-2014, 09:41 PM #6
DeathStr0keAG Offline I'm Back 😍😍😍 *****
MaDLeeTs LoVer
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10-02-2014, 12:55 AM #7
xnethan Offline Junior Member **
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Gud (y)


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