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Sqli Only For Master's

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03-26-2017, 03:12 AM #1
ehacker Offline eSec Hax0r (CEH) *****
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Hello All

link ~ http://accurateassessor.com/recordsearch.php?id=82

waf ~ Off

Task ~ Union Based , Print Your Name, Version, User & Database.

Rules ~
1. Don't use ( @@version, version(),@@global.version ) to get teh version.
2. Don't use any of these ( regexp,like, rlike, limit, not in, !=, not like,procedure analyse(), equal sign *=*,global_variables, or, %20, %0a, %0b,%0c, %0d, %a0, parenthesis *as a whitespace*).
3. You may use local variables but can't declare them in any concatenating/mathematical/comparison/enc-dec functions like( concat(), greatest(), strcmp(), aes_decrypt() ).
5. The version, user, and database must be in local variables.
6. You may use 'and & div' only once in your query.
7. Finally, Everything shall be in one *vuln* column and in that column you may use any concatenating with local variables and html only eg; concat(@a, "<br>").
8 Send Your Query On Madleets : http://www.madleets.com/User-ihacker

Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7CVhRs...rZQ/videos


1) Hunter PCA

My Proof

[Image: 7143e887a0c44a90944b0f6755f80604.png]

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