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Why SEO Changes Constantly: DA, PA, CF, TF are Builshit

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03-18-2017, 06:14 PM #1
PakCyberSnake Offline Moderator *****
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[Image: Boost-website-traffic-and-sales-with-bes...rvices.jpg]

SEO is an ever changing field. The way, which worked for a ranking site in 2005, doesn't work in 2017.
It means Google hates SEO? Not much!

Rather than Google is working hard to give the best result within a fraction of a second. It wants to solve the problem of a user. In 1998, a user had to open a lot of pages in order to see the desired results, but it's changed.

Daily about 7 billion searches are done via Google. Still there are a huge number of searches that Google has no answer. So it starts showing irrelevant results.

So, Google wants to use a lot of technologies in order to show the best result to the end user: Psychology, Behavior Science, Machine Learning, Math, Graphics Designing, Linguistics, Programming etc.

What does mean to you?

It means you should understand the users. You should see what Google wants. Do what Google loves! Give the best user experience to the search engine and the users. If possible, learn the basic of such technologies for the best understanding of Google Search Engine (For the search engine point of view).

How? Examples?

Psychology = How to Attract Customers and Visitors, Why Candy crush and Pokemon Go Gets Famous, How to Write Articles That Get Customer etc.

Do you Believe in SEO metrics? I Don't !

[Image: 55970864_s.jpg]

I have some bad news for you today that domain Metrics are Bullshit (Most of the Time) Yup you read right, like DA, PATFCF these metrics are easy to manipulate with lots of spam.

Just because the domain has high stats, does not mean it's worth it. 9 times out of 10 it has been spammed to death. Check the backlink portfolio as well, that's the most important thing.

 "Increasing Trust Flow" should not be your goal in my opinion. 

Getting your page to SERPs (Search Engine Reseult Pages) with your chosen keywords is a better one,

Trust Flow is not a part of the ranking algorithm of any search engine Improving it does not guarantee a increase in rankings.

And if you do improve your Trust Flow and see a rise in rankings, that is more of just a coincidence than anything else,

Google has over 200 metrics and Trust Flow isn't one of them. It's just Majestic's way of labeling a website, which is extremely useful, but doesn't correlate with rankings.

I have sites that rank better for their keywords with a lower trust flow than others with higher

#DA #PA #TF #CF #Moz #Majestic #Metics #SEO #Bullshit


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07-14-2017, 10:47 PM #2
jackluter Offline Junior Member **
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The listed information on SEO changes has meaningful information, but how long does it takes place.

08-30-2017, 08:20 PM #3
JJohansson Offline Junior Member **
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Saying words like spam filtering, But I also want to know about it in details.

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