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Full Version: Simple & Best Decoder For All Types & No More Waiting :)
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Hello Mad'z Biggrinsmiley
How Are You Brothers Tonguesmiley
[Image: computersafe.gif]
Today We're Going To Talk About Passwords Biggrinsmiley
This is Basic thread about passwords .. we'll later talk about characters
so we've to know numbers now for basic and fastest code / decoder
we notice that passwords as usual are
So We Can Guess And Get Correct Password .. But Here We'll Not Do This
For Just Guessing Smiley1
We'll Study The Password Decoder And Decode Any Num. Password With Any Type
Not Just MD5 .. Biggrinsmiley
Okay Let's First Put The Code
PHP Code:
This is The First Code .. Okay What now ?
Now We've To Know The Length Of Password To Crack It Biggrinsmiley
Okay For example Password : 123456
It's Length is 6 Numbers
So [ 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 ] = [1000,000]
Okay For What Will We Use These Numbers
The Idea Here is To Encode Numbers From 1 To 1000,000 And Compare The Encoded Passwords
With our Password ... If Md5 Hash To 123456 == The Hash For Password
The pHp Will Print Out The Password Biggrinsmiley
PHP Code:
$length $_POST['length'];
$len pow(10,$length);
$pass => To Get Password From User [Eg : MD5 Password]
$length => To Get Length of Password
$len => This is Power Function in Math To Get The Passwords From 1 -> Real Length
Now We'll Use For Loop Statement To Get Passwords Like This
And Encode The Numbers To Get The Real One
PHP Code:
for($nom=0;$nom <=$length;$nom++){
$zaid = @md5($nom);
$zaid == $pass){
'<center><font face="Tahoma" color="#FF0000">'
"Password Is :";
$nom => Will Start From Zero And Will End With $length And Number Will Be Added By 1
Then Will Be Encoded And Compared If MD5 == Md5 Biggrinsmiley
Then The pHp Will Print The Password Biggrinsmiley
This is an amazing thread actually, All you need to understand the prefixes and you are good to go like a Ferrari speed wink
Awesome Thread Devil wink
AwSum brother wink
Nice Habbay Smiley1 i will test it
nice tutorial!
thanks for sharing Biggrinsmiley
nice tutorial brub , keep it up..... good job done Biggrinsmiley
you are realy mad bro wink realy nice work
it's a great tutorial bro. But i hope this can only work for int passd right?
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