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Full Version: ChatBox / ShoutBox & Forum Rules
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Those are the Rules of the ChatBox and Forum.

1. Only chat in English.
2. No insulting against any member of the forum. If any one insulted, or didn't respect any member of MadLeeTs forum, he/she will be banned immediately.
3. Do Not post any links out side of MadLeeTs forum.
4. Advertising in the ChatBox will be considered as spamming, and the user will be banned.
5. Sharing I.D
6. Anything related to Cyber War
7. Pakistani or Indian sites getting hacked news are not allowed
8. Asking for help in chatbox is forbidden (Users that need help can post in help section. The reason is that another member might be facing the same problem as you are in future)

Those Rules are still under review by the forum staff.

Cheers =)
Yo, Aye Aye Captain Biggrinsmiley
shout box is still loading :} i have problem
Yup, I just sweeped out the tables of the chatbox, and it started to show Loading Worriedsmiley ,lets see
Rules Updated
Rules Updated !