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Full Version: Ads on Madleets
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Hi Madz,
I want to announce that due to high server cost, i have finally decided to add ads on Madleets.
The monthly server cost for MadLeeTs server is 340 dollors.
Our team has been paying them from last 1 year and we have paid more than 3000 dollors.
Due to money problems.
I have place a minor add in Home.
I hope you all guys will understand the situation.
no issues bro, we know administration also have to manage all server costs Smiley1
a little suggestion, bro we should also have a donate account, that if somebody want to contribute in ML, he can give donation
NO Problem bro Smiley1we also knw to run such a gud server require mre mOney
HEy how
ads not allowed in hack,porn sites?
Not A Prob Bro Smiley1 And Agree With MadCodE <3
(03-30-2013, 01:46 AM)BeastarStealacar Wrote: [ -> ]HEy how
ads not allowed in hack,porn sites?
Yeah, Advertising Porn sites are not allowed
it's alright Smiley1
ads are sexy Tonguesmiley
No Problem bro we face too many ads daily on many site. SO we should also take madleets ads to lite. In fact its our family forum Smiley1
NO PROBLEM Biggrinsmiley
Thats great ADMIN
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