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Full Version: Shells Founded on
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I Found 2 Shellz on Tonguesmiley
But Can't Deface :bplz:

You Guys Can Try Smiley1 If succeed in defacing
Give Me greetz on Your Deface Page

Shell Links :-

Go0D Luck !
whats the use Tonguesmiley
server not found
Internal Server Error
Both Links Working Fine For Me Guys :meh:
this is html
check direktory
wget /home/drawcode/public_html/ from here lol
Its not even a shell

Linked with
While the dir is sdi/upload/ , and the shell path is /home/drawcode/public_html/ , So where the F is the sdi/upload in it :bplz:
Nice troll :meh:
lol .. Agreed @1337 :bplz:
it's Fake wink :meh:
So .. .. :meh:
Nobody can't do :lol:
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