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Full Version: Rules to get V.I.P
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Hello Everyone, Since I get too many messages regarding V.I.P membership on the forum. Please read below on how can you get V.I.P on our forum !

Rule Number 1 :
Don't ASK for V.I.P Rank and keep on bugging me always In PM's / Chats / making threads to apply for V.I.P

To get V.I.P on the forum, users must keep active and help other users on the forum !
They must share there knowledge if they have so !
They must call over there friends to join the forum !
They must follow the rules of the forum !
They must help others to follow the rules on the forum !
They must NOT ask for a rank from our team to promote them !
We watch every users activity !
So Don't think we don't see or know what you do on the forum !
When ever we feel that it's time for you to be a part of our V.I.P or Team member, we will give you V.I.P on the spot !

If anyone asks for a rank, he or she will never get it !
Just note that as this is our 1st rule for the forum administrators

Sorry If I wen't MaD , But this is just to make you clear on how to get V.I.P !
I hope it was clear and understood !
Any Questions ? Let me know on the thread !

yes that's good... rule... its very odd to ask for VIP.. every one should perform his/her work honestly so that on base of their performance they will be automatically rewarded... I noticed too.. user almost start begging :|
Sorry If I wen't MaD , But this is just to make my point clear to all Tonguesmiley
Agree BuDDY Biggrinsmiley
Agree bro
can you please add me to VIP? :'(
good luck guys Smiley1
VIP's will be worth it Smiley1 Biggrinsmiley
(y) Agreed 1337
Agreed bro Smiley1
Aie Aie Captain Smiley1
Agreed bro , goodluck guy's
nic rule =)) Agreeed Smiley1
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