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Full Version: Warning !
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Warning for all members who post useless replies in every thread.
I have seen that many users dont even care about rules. they are continuously violating MadLeeTs Rules
You were asked while registration that you will follow rules.
We have added Thanks Button , if anyone like any thread he/she can press thanks button or rep+

Only post with sensible replies, If you only want to say thanks its nice or good share, You can do it with simple clicking Thanks Button
If Staff see anybody posting useless replies or spamming the forum, user will be banned for a week or two

P.S I know rules are made to be broken but unfortunately its MadLeeTs. We are boss here :meh:

Biggrinsmiley Thanks for warning :| madCode bro
(09-27-2013, 06:40 AM)Sizziling Leet Wrote: [ -> ]Biggrinsmiley Thanks for warning :| madCode bro
now that was a useless reply :meh:
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