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Full Version: unlimited subdomin defacing bot
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watch the video wink
Special Thank's CFR bro for Uploading on Youtube Smiley1

Bravo brother Smiley1 great
Ak damm RapChek wink
w0w Biggrinsmiley coool bro
can u also give that file which use in this vedio Smiley1
superb work.. having no words to express.. keep up the good work.. sorry for late uploading video.. below is the link.. update it Smiley1

awesome work Smiley1
im thinking to start learning php but i have no time now Biggrinsmiley
aw3s0m3 w0rk Bugz Br0th3r =D
w0w awesome Smiley1

but i think u can't add mirrors to zone-h Sadsmiley
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