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Salam Alykom Brothers

Today , Madleets Team Presents To You

Our New Tutorial In MadLeets

C++ Programing

Contents :

CH1 : Introduction For C++
- Setup Programs
- First Code

CH2 : C++
- I/O Codes
- Logical Expressions
- Variables & Data Types
- Arrays
- IF Statment
- Switch Statment
- Loop Statments
- WHILE Statment
- For Statment
- Do-While Statment
- Functions
- How To Write A Function
- How To Use A Function
- Using Ready Functions In C++
- Classes & Objects
This is Not Full Course , It's Mini One

Note : Tutorials Will Be IN C++ Section - Here
I Hope Everybody Enjoys In This Tutorials With US

@b0x @1337 @Shadow008 @H4x0rL1f3

Tonguesmiley Thanks Bro Great Work Great PAkistan Biggrinsmiley
Awesome b0x Brother wink
Thanks Everybody

We're One { Pakistan & Palestine }
This is going to be focused on deep basics or on some advanced stuff ?
It's Going To Be Middle Topics But We can Help You If You Ask Us Biggrinsmiley
I was thinking about API,Socket coding,stuff related to coding RATs,keyloggers,crypters,etc... cus i've alredy coded my crypter Biggrinsmiley
No I Don't Think So

It's Going To Be Simple Topics But If You Want We Can Improve Lessons

With You wink
Bro I request you for Python Course too ! Biggrinsmiley
I'm Not Friend With Python :p
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