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Full Version: Get meterpreter Sessions With SQLi Vulnerbility
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You injected a website, got admin details but
you dont have admin panel or shell is not being uploaded Sadsmiley
dont be sad Biggrinsmiley its time to try something new *_*
just try and compromise the target machine
with this Sqli bug. Biggrinsmiley
Dont be . Yes you can hack that server with sqli bugs
you need metasploit for this

*we will create a metasploit payload with msfpayload
*we will set up a listner
*we will create a script on website with SQL query which will help us uploading metasploit payload
*we will execute this payload on web server with sql query

But how we can do all this stuff?

well for this watch my video here

lol thanks dude it's awesome
Awsome man em gonna try it on my Biggrinsmileyvuln windows Biggrinsmiley servers
thats A nice video and nice tech !! thnkx bro
great MadCode ! Biggrinsmiley
Number one! Im follow SqliGoods !


Work only Windows server?
Good bro , you & @Makman are one of the best injectors i've ever seen Smiley1
ty bro i will try it Smiley1 Smiley1
whats the advantage of using metaexploit payload when you already uploaded shell in directory using outfile? also weshould have writable access in directories
nice share master Smiley1