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Full Version: Recent Incident
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Salam and Hello everyone,
You might has been a people over facebook and other place's saying MaDLeeTs servers got hacked and bla bla bla. But our server where never hacked :meh:
I recently got access to a Domain registry and was thinking to DNS changed it to and Since I got busy in my personal life, I forgot about it that I had left both b0x1 and b0x2 pointing to our old server. That server had then gone expired and some other guy bought that server with our old server I.P.
Since that server was not ours anymore, those which was hungry to take down MaDLeeTs got access to that server and defaced our b0x1 and b0x2 DNS names making others think MaDLeeTs servers got hacked :mad: .

An example would be:
As you can see site is dead, now lets try its nameservers. and are pointing to there old server I.P which has been registered by some other guy. Domain admin forgot to change server I.P.
Simply get access to that server I.P of that Nameserver and deface ns1 and ns2 :meh:
Madleets forever my bro wink
Oh Thanks brother for Clarification.
now they should stop barking Tonguesmiley
shitty show off by lammers Smiley1
take it easy 1337
not gonna happen again

madleets 4eva
This will never happen again, 1337 fixes everything! Biggrinsmiley
Madleets forever 1337
It will not happen again INSHA ALLAH
They will never got a chance again to Bark about Madleets
madleets for iver!!
THA skids.. hahahaha
MaDLeeTs Hacked?
bitch please :/
Madleet's forever

Hater goon hate , don't care . :lol:
=)) =)) =))
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