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Full Version: Salam to everyone
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Hello I m [email protected]!K3R
Country:i m from Pakistan
Age:my age is 15
i m newbie in hacking
Have you read the rules agree to follow them?:i agree with rules
Where did you hear about Madleets:i heard about Madleets in FB and from My Friend M4RK-M3N
Skills:my skills are SQLI little bit xss, rfi and html and now started learning mssql and postgresql
Goals:my goals are to work for my country cyber space
Welcome To MaDLeeTs Smiley1
Welcome to madleets
thank you Smiley1
Welcome to Madleets Bro
WELc0Me BRO Smiley1
Welcome To MaD House! Smiley1
Learning is power.
(05-18-2017, 09:00 PM)UmairAhmed Wrote: [ -> ]Learning is power.

I choose you spammer of the week :Biggrinsmiley Congratz
welcome and walaykumasalam