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Full Version: CSS - HTML Designers ??
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As A Mad Group We Need Designers

if You are good in designing web pages and css styles

feel free to inbox me here Smiley1

Let's hope we get some kickass css designer Smiley1
Contact Me Brothers Smiley1

Can Kick CSS Designing Smiley1 nd HTML
lol Maher What CSS Is In That page?? lol no offence but no work in it its just a kidish page

Have A Look Smiley1 Will Edit This Later
It's My Blog Look
Good Luck To All Smiley1

I'm not a professional designer, I just use to play with HTML/CSS at my spare time and have learned almost all the important things Smiley1 (Not HTML5/CSS3). Smiley1
If you give hint what type of work you want, Designing templates of Forum/CMS etc or just making simple web pages wink ?
her is inform box and with some styles
According to my knowledge, we need the design for an application.
for which application do you need a css designs are same in site and in apps
Im a beginner designer Smiley1 Css And html developper
I'm a Pro Forum Expert! If anyone need any forum mybb theme pm me ill give you for free Biggrinsmiley