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Full Version: DNS Hijacking Vulnerablity.
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DNS Hijacking Vulnerablity. TUTORIOL

DNS Hijacking Vulnerablity.
So let see the DNS Hijacking Vulnerablity making Thousends of Websites hosted on 000webhost and other free hosting webhosting Proivders.

Step 1 : signup for a account on
it will give you a address like
for example mine was :

Now Goto cPanel
and Look for IP Adress, you'll get something like ""

Now Goto Bing .com and type dork ip:
if you want .gov .edu or any other particular domain then dork will " ip: .gov "
or " ip: .edu "
all server ips
Server 1 with 253 ips -

Server 2 with with 253 ips -

Server 3 with 242 ips -
Now come to Search Results
i got The Target
i just open this url :
and here a error page of 000webhost.

which shows that the dns is configured so that the site is forwarded to Nameserver of 000webhost
now what i did is enter in my cpanel which i created at 000webhost and park a subdomain
and done added a deface page to my public_html
and the website defaced .

Some of the sites for example which are vulnreable for this attack


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