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Full Version: Help in server management PLease
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Asalamu alaikum Please help me in managing a server i upload there MyBB sofware but i dnt know web designing i want to make website like this pakcyberattackers .com Please help me my fb Id is
You can find free themes here

You will need to create the forum sections you want in the admin panel
But how can i use themes
You will need to upload the images folder in your host and then import the xml file of your mybb admin panel
I dont understand please Make a website like this for me on name of the website HackMalik Please sir For God's sake
The best thing to do to get practice is to install xampp on your PC and test everything out.

You can find a guide to installing xampp here:
I dnt understand Please make a website for me plz like this on please i dnt know web designing please sir please For God's sake
Dude, stop asking people to things for you... as Error404 said, install XAMP on your PC and test out everything about MyBB on localhost and when you get the hang of it, move the contents of your offline website to your webhost.
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