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Full Version: Loki Rat | Php Rat | No Portforward needed
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About Loki RAT:

LokiRAT-Simple and unique PHP RAT. LokiRAT is RAT which doesn't require Port-Forward, it's using PHP and MySQL on hosting.


File Manager
Browse File/Folders (Name, File Size, Last Edit)
Delete File
Upload File
Download File
Execute File
Create Folder
Delete Folder
Rename File/Folder

Process Manager
List Processes (Name, Memory, Window Title)
Kill Process
Start New Process

Program Manager
List Programs (Name, Publisher, Version, Uninstall String)
Uninstall Program
Repair Program

Registry Editor
List Keys/Strings (Name, Value)
Add New Key/String Value
Edit Key Value
Delete Key

Funny Stuff
Fake Message
Open/Close CD-ROM
Show/Hide Taskbar
Show/Hide Icons
On/Off Monitor
Block/Unblock Mouse
Start/Stop Crazy Keyboard

Screenshot (Make/Save Screenshot)
Webcam (Make/Save Webcam Picture)

Credits goes to Relapse for cracking it !

plz use at your own risk ,just google it by name
you get the file
No Portforward needed :O
will try it wink
this Rat work over the http protocol so no port forwarding needed Smiley1
nice man Smiley1
(12-23-2017, 10:21 AM)mahsat92 Wrote: [ -> ]nice man Smiley1

Hello , 
I need rat full set up 100% fud .. how much will it cost me  , contact [email protected]