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Full Version: (Service Terminated) Madleets Hosting Service
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Hello people,

Just thought today I will help out some.

So I'm gonna provide hosting on my server to the users of madleets.

I will provide you Platinum Hosting Details at

Steps to get:-
-Go to
-Register>Create Invoice and Don't Pay.
-POst here with your domain.I will activate your account.

give some detail ....

how much time for this hosting..

and any restriction ?

Platinum Hosting Pack Includes:-

  • 2 TB Web Hosting Space
  • 4 TB Bandwith
  • cPanel 11.34
  • Basic DDOS Protection/Cloudfare
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited Addon Domains
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
and its free ya 2.2 $
Bhaijaan maine upar likha hai.

Don't pay..just create the invoice.

Jab tak mai paise bhar raha tak aapke paas hosting rahegi.
hey dude are you expecting l33ts to use a hosting with these
domain regtd on 3 oct 2012
with your real name and no domain privacy giving out ur email-id
with a server speed so slow that it pings with 224ms on 54Mbps connection
not even offshore

and the best of it Check your Box Billing it is not secure Smiley1
I don't understand how you can sell 1TB space and 2 TB Bandwith for $1.20/month.

Massive Overselling
heres mine [email protected]

let me see Biggrinsmiley :bplz:
^Its done..

Check email for the details... wink
^All done bro..

Login to your client area and do that wink

Or check email.
So let us check here is mine

so let us check here is mine
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