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Full Version: Get Free Linux Super VPS.
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Super Vps :angel:

40GB Disk Space
100GB Monthly Bandwidth
4.8 Ghz Processor
2GB Memory

Free Vps Cool

20GB Disk Space
10GB Monthly Bandwidth
2.4 Ghz Processor
1GB Memory

Follow this Link : LINK REMOVED BY 1337 (SPAMING)
its redirect to 5jelly, it is not working :S
Link removed, Don't spam again !
It is fake. Remove it please.
Please tell me how it is fake?
and on that link is correct information......
Site was redirected to a Radio Site, with a post which had FAKE screenshots for traffic by fooling people.
If you check on Radio website there is SignUp Option if they click on that they will be redirect to Free VPS Site [Image: TYIOoo8.png]

and My Dear Brother, It's Not Fake.
Google it.
[Image: BLTMDxg.png]
5jelly is not mine but funmaza24 is mine but the post is not fake Dear.
Maybe you did not studied the rules. advertising is not allow in forum.
No problem buddy it Happens Sometime
lol it happens sometimes ... ?
i think he do that on purpose.