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Full Version: Bypassing Casting in SQL Injection (MySQL)
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Hello Buddies Clapping

Today I made a Video Tut for Bypassing Casting in Injection

Sometimes you inject website but the column is Integer

in this video you'll bypass that problem using ASCII and some blind technique

Download from here Thumbsupsmileyanim


Bravo wink
GooD Work L33T Tonguesmiley
Thank you all brothers

The file in lab "s.php"


# Coded by TurkisH-RuleZ aka b0x
$ID = $_GET['ID'];
$r = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query("SELECT * from klj_users where id='$ID'"));
echo (int)$r['last_visit'];

nice tut bro
Thanks Bro...
nice share bro! Smiley1
Nice Trick b0x Smiley1
bro intresting and usefull tut Smiley1 Smiley1 thanks dear <3
This is a good one.
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