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Full Version: PHP Script help
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this script I wanna make that takes the first name and email from a database and pastes it onto a email body/draft. I got about 450ish emails and the SMTP im using has a limit of 100 emails/hour so I need the script to iterate 99 emails over a period of one hour and then start all over again until the list is exhausted.

ok here goes. Basically the end result I want is for the recipient to get the msg along the lines

"Hi/Greetings [FirstName]" to add that feeling of trust and credibility. I can do without the names too but that'd be sloppy.

So in order to do this you need to have a table with 2 columns, fname and email. You then use php to fetch each row and attach the fname where it belongs in the email body and the email in the send function. Since my smtp's limit is 100 emails/hour you'll have to stop sending once the sent mails reach 99 (just to be safe) in a 1 hour period. Once you stop you'll have to record the last email that was sent and to which email address/fname, so that the next time you run the script (the next hour) it continues from where it left off and not from the top all over again.

the script has to be organized enough so that the same script can be used for our other target websites. Don't hardwire/hardcode the "From email", the email body etc. and the rest of the variable stuff. That way, next time I dump an email list the only thing to do will be to load it up on the MySQL db and replace the last websites info to the new one and just simply run the script.