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Thanks AkDk brò! Very useful ;)
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Welcome back MadLeets! <3 Thanks for all!
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(10-15-2014, 09:46 PM)T3N38R15 Wrote:  which compiler did you use ? gcc or what ? no compiler.... only chmod 777 exploit.out ./exploit.out
4 Replies268 Views
(10-15-2014, 04:50 AM)T3N38R15 Wrote:  did you allready try this http://exploiterz.blogspot.fi/2013/08/lo...ernel.html madleet.c:51: sheep: Assertion `!close(fd)' failed. sh: [26809: 3 (255)] tc...
4 Replies268 Views
The exploit in this thread, not work and it never worked ! Only that one by 1337 work fine ! ./a.out a.out: madleet.c:51: sheep: Assertion `!close(fd)' failed. id sh: [19837: 3 (255)] tcsetattr: In...
26 Replies12,746 Views
Salam Madleets ! :heart: I need Local Root for " 2.6.32 " " 2012-2013" Kernels . PLEASE , don't tell me about this : http://www.madleets.com/Thread-2-6-32-up...3-D?page=2 The exploit in this t...
4 Replies268 Views
Big Madleets ! Big 1337 ! :D 1337 Please can you explain how did you DNS Hijacking ? never any tutorial for this
24 Replies2,591 Views
(09-11-2014, 02:56 AM)the nightmare Wrote:  more time bro i have defacements from 3 years After a short time the webmaster remove deface page. As they do the staff of zone-h know if was true or ...
6 Replies210 Views
no guys.... i have mirrors that are on-hold for many weeks . I think that will never be added in my archive . I do not understand why
6 Replies210 Views
Hello Friends ! I have a question about "zone-h.org" When I notified a deface link , it is on hold . The problem is that after a long time , the mirror remains on hold ! (And therefore is not added ...
6 Replies210 Views
Salam Friendssss :exclamation: I have a big question : [+] I have a site target > http://www.target.com [+] If u see http://whois.ws/whois/target.com , the site hosted on http://www.hoster-ran...
1 Replies190 Views
Error is this : http://stevennomena.blogspot.it/2014/01/...x-not.html I have given these commands: apt-get install xorg apt-get install x-window-system But, after startx, repeats the same error ! ...
6 Replies365 Views
(08-05-2014, 12:18 AM)yhi Wrote:  try recovery mode ..... and ??
6 Replies365 Views
Salam my friends ! I have a problem with Kali ! :huh: After doing the updates : apt-get update apt-get upgrade apt-get dist-upgrade Kali linux can't boot into GUI ! My problem is equal to this ...
6 Replies365 Views
The problem is the payload. If i use target 1 , meterpreter payload not work, firefox crash . Use target 0 (Universal (Javascript XPCOM Shell) ) IT WORK , but the shell not responding, it doesn't op...
9 Replies420 Views
O_o If i use this tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iWnD6dulRI It WORK ! Set LHOST Set LPORT Set URIPATH exploit not set payload, not set srvhost , not set target .... Why ? Explain me....
9 Replies420 Views
Hello my friends ! I have a problem / question ! I read this tutorial : http://www.madleets.com/Thread-Video-Cli...pplication Vulnerability is : "firefox xpi bootstrapped add on code execution" PO...
9 Replies420 Views